How Do People Enjoy Bondage?

The reasons why someone starts bondage can vary widely. Some couples want to revive a bondage-slumbered sex life while for others bondage covers the entire sex life. In addition to the precise reason for applying bondage, it also has a different appeal for everyone. For many, for example, the visual impact of bondage is greatest. The special clothing, tools and the display of the emotions can be a reason for them to become a great lover of bondage. For others, the game reminds them of an earlier time when they had even less worry and responsibility. Conversely, the stimulus for others can be found in the fact that they decide what will happen and thus seem to be in complete control. Regardless of the exact reasons, bondage is usually an expression of achieving certain sexual emotions and feelings not found in the normal outside world. Bondage almost always enhances normal sexual pleasure. The sexual tension will be more intense, the sensuality will increase and the orgasm will reach an unprecedented level. It is therefore not surprising that bondage is almost never practiced once. It is simply addictive!

How is bondage practiced?

Bondage can be practiced in many different ways. It is even possible to do it alone, although care must be taken to keep the keys of the handcuffs within reach. More often, bondage is practiced with two people or even a whole group. Bondage can be used as part of a role-playing game, for example, but it can also be a goal in itself. For some, it is purely to do the physical pleasures, although most also appreciate the psychological pull. So there is actually no clear answer to how exactly bondage is practiced. There are so many options and variations that you will have to experiment with bondage yourself until you find your ideal model. For beginners, we have created a special page with bondage tips to lower the threshold and explain how to best tackle bondage the first time. The site also has a variety of partners you could choose from who would help you explore the world of bondage.