13-year-old girl’s alleged four-hour rape ordeal

13-year-old girl’s alleged four-hour rape ordeal

Horrific details of a 13-year-old schoolgirl’s terrifying four-hour alleged rape ordeal while driven around by a 26-year-old man have emerged at the opening of his trial on 42 charges.

A court heard today Mustafa Kayirici allegedly shaved the eighth grader, spat in her mouth and bound and gagged her with duct tape in bushland.

He allegedly threatened to stab her and kill her and made her say on multiple videos that she wanted to participate in the various sex acts.

It is alleged he tricked the girl into his car, showed her his knife and immediately sexually assaulted her, and told her “you are not going home tonight”.

The Downing Centre District Court heard he repeatedly sexually assaulted her and filmed the assaults while driving around to 10 different locations in western Sydney.

Mr Kayirici has pleaded not guilty to all 42 charges, including 18 of aggravated sexual assault with a person under 16 and one of threat to inflict actual bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse.

Now aged 29, the alleged abductor and rapist of the 13-year-old made 11 videos of himself naked with the girl.

The videos will be played to the jury in his six-week trial before Judge Sarah Huggett which began today.

Crown prosecutor Karl Prince opened with a graphic description of the alleged assaults on the girl before Mr Kayirici gave her five dollars and dropped her off at a train station.

Wearing a white shirt, dark suit and tie, his black hair slick back, Kayirici and a jury of five men and seven women listened to the prosecution allegations for 90 minutes.

Mr Prince told the court he did not expect Mr Kayirici’s identity as the man in the videos to be at issue, but the accused would argue the alleged victim “agreed to go into the car and consented to the sexual activity”.

“(Mr Kayirici) told police she told him she was 17 or 18 years old. It is the Crown case the accused knew she was 13 because he told her so,” Mr Prince said.

The alleged ordeal began after the western Sydney year-eight student, who is of Indian background, left the home she shared with her parents and brother running late for school.


It was Friday, June 24, 2016 and she ran to catch the train to Parramatta station, then walking across the footbridge over the Parramatta River to Queens Avenue.

The girl was wearing her school uniform of a white blouse, blue jumper and skirt, stockings and carrying a back pack.

Outside a unit block on Queens Avenue, Mr Kayirici stood dressed in a grey Adidas shirt, black tracksuit pants and Nike shoes.

He had his hands full with shoe boxes and a bag from Foot Locker, and the 13-year-old girl noticed “tattoos on his face”.

The Crown alleged the accused called out to the girl to help him by picking up jumper leads from the driveway and “give them to his mum who was standing near by”.

The girl couldn’t see the mother and didn’t want to go into the driveway, but took up the jumper leads and followed the accused to his car.

It is alleged that as the girl got near the car, Mr Kayirici said to her “you are not going anywhere today and you are not going to school either”.

“(The girl) turned to run but (Kayirici) grabbed her and put her in the front seat and said if she moved he would stab her with a knife,” Mr Prince told the court.

The girl later described the knife as a flick knife and said she screamed, trying to catch the attention of a lady walking by.

The Crown alleged Mr Kayirici then threatened to stab her if she did that again or tried to escape, then allegedly pulled down his pants.

He then allegedly slapped her, called her “a stupid dog” and sexually assaulted her.

It is then alleged he told her to get into the back of the car, removed her jumper, shirt, tights and underwear, removed the lotion and her iPad from her schoolbag and asked for sexy photos of her and her friends.

He then allegedly asked her to see “if there are any sl*ts in your school because if you can find one” he’d swap her with the girl.

The accused then drove past Parramatta Public School where the alleged victim said she saw Mr Kayirici looking at grade two and three girls.

He allegedly said, “Look at that little girl. She has such sexy legs.

“If you can get her I won’t do anything to you.”

He then allegedly said, “Stop looking sad. Someone is going to think I am kidnapping you. Look happy.”


At a unit complex on New Street, North Parramatta the accused then parked in the car park and allegedly removed some more of the girl’s clothing, showed her pornographic videos, and grabbed her face and sucked and bit her lips.

He allegedly said, “I’m not raping you, you are going to get raped one day or another … it happens in India. It’s normal.”

He then allegedly slapped her face, grabbed her hand and put it on himself and asked her to perform a sex act.

The Crown alleges he then threatened the victim with his knife if she didn’t do or say what he told her to.

He then recorded a 26-second video on which the alleged victim says, “I am 16 and I am a bad sl*t”.

On another one-minute, 45-second video, the accused can be seen not wearing any pants and getting the girl to make further comments about a sexual act.

He then allegedly committed a further act of aggravated sexual intercourse and spoke about his private parts and sex acts.


They drove to Barton Park, North Parramatta where Mr Kayirici allegedly cut the girl’s tights and made comments about a young schoolgirl being sexy.

He allegedly then told the girl, “I am being so nice to you. If you tell me what to do, you are not going home tonight.

“I will stab you with my knife.”


He then drove to Garden Street, Telopea, where he made two videos and allegedly committed an act of indecency on the girl.

On the video the girl is asked what kind of sexual act she wants performed on her and she replies.


At York Street in Oatlands, the girl was allegedly forced to commit an act of indecency on the accused, then driven to the IGA supermarket at Telopea.

It was 10.32am and the accused bought cigarettes, an energy drink, disposable razors and a roll of duct tape.

The Crown said the alleged victim was “scared” and unable to alert the cashier with her eyes, but Mr Kayirici became angry saying “don’t ever do that, are you trying to get me caught?”.

He then allegedly shaved her underarms, one leg and her pubic hair.


At Sturt Street, Telopea, they stopped in an open-air car park of a unit complex where a video was recorded at 10.58am.

On the video the accused and the girl has a recorded conversation about her shaved genital area and he says, “13, 14, 15, 16 I don’t know how old she is, she told me she’s 16”.

The girl then replies on the video, “I’m 16”, and he allegedly sexually assaults her.

Another video — the seventh of the 11 in total — was then made and he allegedly sexually assaulted her again.

During an eighth video he filmed intercourse while he had a cigarette in his mouth and had her hold the phone during the filming.


Mr Kayirici then allegedly told the girl undercover police were following and they drove to Garden Street, Telopea where it is claimed he pulled her from the car, banged her against it and said, “you sl*t”.

They walked into bushland where he allegedly forced her onto her knees, bound and gagged her with duct tape, and sexually assaulted her.


At Nordica Street, Ermington, the accused and the girl entered a unit block and knocked on the door of a resident, a pregnant woman who let them inside.

Mr Kayirici then allegedly sexually assaulted the girl while the woman was out of the room, and they left.

Afterwards, he allegedly pulled the girl’s hair and slapped her and accused her of trying to say things to the woman, saying to the girl “don’t lie you dirty dog”.


He then drove to a car park at Sydney Olympic Park where two short videos were made and he allegedly sexually assaulted the girl and recorded a discussion about “proper rough” sex.

The accused then allegedly said to her: “I am going to drop you back at school. I am sorry I have done all this.”

The court heard the girl was dropped at Auburn train station and given five dollars.

Mr Kayirici is charged with 18 counts of aggravated sexual assault with a person under 16 years old, and 12 counts of using a child under 14 to make child abuse material.

He is also charged with six counts of indecent assault of a person under 16, three of act of indecency with a person under 16 and one of detaining a person with intent to take advantage.

He is further charged with one count each of threat to inflict actual bodily harm with intent to have sexual intercourse and common assault.

His defence counsel, barrister Joanne Gallagher is due to deliver her opening address to the court on Thursday.



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