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Nach Lübcke-Attentat: Morddrohungen gegen mehrere deutsche Politiker

Nach Lübcke-Attentat: Morddrohungen gegen mehrere deutsche Politiker

Der Mord an Walter Lübcke gibt den Ermittlern noch immer Rätsel auf. Jetzt hat die Polizei einen dringend tatverdächtigen Mann festgenommen. Stephan E. ist ein polizeibekannter Rechtsextremer. Die aktuelle Entwicklung im News-Ticker von FOCUS Online.

Bundespräsident Steinmeier fordert rasche Aufklärung: “Furchtbar und unerträglich”

Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2019, 05.15 Uhr: Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier forderte eine rasche Aufklärung des Mordes an Lübcke. Das Verbrechen müsse “umfassend und schnellstmöglich aufgeklärt werden”, sagte er am Mittwochabend zum Start des Evangelischen Kirchentags in Dortmund. Er fügte an: “Auch das entscheidet über Vertrauen in unseren Rechtsstaat und Vertrauen in unsere Demokratie.”

Steinmeier betonte, das “abscheuliche Verbrechen” habe Erschütterung ausgelöst. “Schon der Verdacht, dass in diesem Land, einem Land mit dieser Geschichte, jemand, der für die Demokratie gearbeitet hat, hingerichtet wird durch einen politischen Mord, mutmaßlich begangen von einem überzeugten Rechtsextremisten, und dem einige im Netz dann auch noch Beifall klatschen, das ist alles furchtbar und unerträglich.”

Morddrohungen gegen mehrere deutsche Politiker

21.41 Uhr: Die Kölner Oberbürgermeister Henriette Reker hat eine Morddrohung erhalten. Die Polizei in Köln bestätigte am Mittwochabend entsprechende Informationen von „Bild“, „Express“ und WDR. Die Drohung sei nach dem Mord an dem Kasseler Regierungspräsidenten Walter Lübcke eingegangen, sagte ein Polizeisprecher. Ob es einen Zusammenhang mit dem Verbrechen gebe, könne er nicht sagen. Zuständig sei zentral das Landeskriminalamt Berlin, da neben Reker auch andere Politiker Drohungen erhalten hätten.

Nach Informationen des WDR gibt es innerhalb Deutschlands mehrere Drohungen gegen Politiker, sie sollen sich unter anderem gegen den Bürgermeister der westfälischen Stadt Altena, Andreas Hollstein, richten. Von Landeskriminalamt war am Abend keine Stellungnahme zu erhalten.

Sowohl Reker als auch Hollstein waren in den vergangenen Jahren zum Ziel von Attentätern geworden. Reker entging 2015 vor ihrer Wahl zur Oberbürgermeisterin nur knapp dem Tod, als ihr ein Rechtsradikaler mit einem Messer in den Hals stach. Auch Hollstein wurde im November 2017 von einem Mann mit einem Messer attackiert, er erlitt eine Verletzung am Hals.

Im Video: Was wussten die Behörden? Linke erkundigte sich schon 2015 nach Lübcke-Verdächtigem


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Key piece of evidence missing in Kevin Spacey sexual abuse trial

Key piece of evidence missing in Kevin Spacey sexual abuse trial


Watch CBSN Live


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Let’s Take a Look at All of ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Tyler Cameron’s Modeling Pics, Shall We?

Let’s Take a Look at All of ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Tyler Cameron’s Modeling Pics, Shall We?


As you know, Tyler Cameron is one of the guys currently competing to become Hannah Brown’s future husband on The Bachelorette. Bachelor Nation is still getting to know this guy, but the internet’s already filled with tons of information about the 26-year-old Florida native. Did you know that he almost played for the Baltimore Ravens and has a rescue pup named Harley? Well, now you do.

Perhaps the most exciting fact about Tyler is that he is a model. A beefy, shirtless, smizing model, no less. Here are some of this hunk’s greatest hits.

Let’s start with a tame one. Here’s Tyler in a striped shirt. Cute!

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Here’s a photo of Tyler wearing a pair of jorts. It doesn’t look like those have a lot of give, so good for him for striking a pose in what is likely a very ouchie fabric.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Who wears short shorts?

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Tyler Cameron wears short shorts.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

This is obviously Tyler’s favorite pose, as you may recall from the group date where the guys learned about the female reproductive system. Tyler stayed posed even while experiencing simulated contractions. The dedication.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

He can even do it with both arms!


Soul Artist Management

This one is for all the girls who have ever favorited a tweet talking about how “grey sweatpants season is upon us.”

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Unfortch, grey sweats season is coming to an end IRL. Here’s another Tyler pic to hold you over.

Oop! One more.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Doesn’t this look like it belongs on the side of the Abercrombie and Fitch bag you got when you bought boot-cut jeans before the first day of school in 2008? I can smell the Fierce cologne through the screen. (I mean this in the best way possible, of course.)

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

This also has extreme Fitch vibes. If Tyler were a bit older, I’d be convinced that I’ve already seen this photo hanging next to the fitting rooms.


Soul Artist Management

I don’t even have anything clever to say about this one. It’s just a great sweater moment.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

And here’s a great white tee moment!

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

I mean, could this photo of Tyler get any better?

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

Well, yes. If you like guys who wear combat boots, it could.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

This pic is soooo fratty that it just asked me who I know at this party.

Tyler Cameron Bachelorette Modeling

Soul Artist Management

You should also know that Tyler recently made his Instagram account public. Which means the world now has access to even MORE photos of him. Like this one, where he’s rocking a nice cardigan.

And this booty pic.

And just to bring us all back to Earth, here’s a photo of Tyler holding a fish. He may be a former football player and model, but underneath it all, he’s not too different from all the other dudes holding fish on Tinder.


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Fick bo hos familj – våldtog dottern flera gånger

Fick bo hos familj – våldtog dottern flera gånger

GöteborgFamiljen lät sina vänners son bo hemma hos dem under sommaren.

En dag kom yngsta dottern till sin mamma:

– “Jag har en hemlighet”, sa hon.

Då kom det fram att den då 16-årige sommargästen utsatt familjens två döttrar, båda i förskoleåldern, för flera sexbrott.


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Gordon Stuckless’s sentence extended to 10 years in Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse case | CBC News

Gordon Stuckless’s sentence extended to 10 years in Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse case | CBC News

The man at the heart of the Maple Leaf Gardens sex abuse scandal has had his sentence extended to 10 years after the Ontario Court of Appeal deemed his earlier sentence “demonstrably unfit.”

Gordon Stuckless was sentenced three years ago by trial judge Mara B. Greene at the Ontario Court of Justice for sexually abusing 18 boys — some as young as 10 and 11 — over a period of two decades from 1965 to 1985.

Justice Greene sentenced Stuckless to six and a half years after he was convicted of 102 charges, including 43 counts of indecent assault, 47 counts of gross indecency and 10 counts of sexual assault.  At the time, Greene noted Stuckless had been a trusted figure for decades, working as a teaching assistant, a coach and at the Gardens.

Stuckless, 67 at the time of the sentencing, also received six months’ credit for time spent under house arrest, meaning he was to serve a total of six years behind bars.

The appeal court took issue with that sentence.

“Gordon Stuckless is a sexual predator,” the appeal court ruling reads. “The magnitude of his offending is staggering. The harm that he has caused is incalculable.”

Stuckless, the ruling reads, “groomed his victims, providing them with hockey sticks and sports memorabilia, promising to introduce them to Toronto Maple Leaf players, taking them to movies and hockey games, and so on, all with a view to gaining an opportunity to abuse them.

Original sentence deemed ‘startling’

“He also used psychological and physical threats. He sexually abused the boys in cars, in the woods, at schools, at hockey rinks, in movie theatres, at a dental office, and at Maple Leaf Gardens. He abused some of the boys in their own homes while he was a guest of their families.”

The appeal court ruling states the crimes affected not only the victims but their parents, spouses and children, calling the original sentence of 6.5 years “startling.”

Stuckless’s lawyer, Ari Goldkind, had argued in 2016 that his client should face a five-year sentence, with two years of credit for time spent under house arrest and steps taken to prevent recidivism — namely the fact that he has voluntarily undergone chemical castration for more than a decade.

‘Their lives have been ruined’

He acknowledged, however, the damage that Stuckless did to his victims. “Their lives have been ruined by him, there’s no doubt about it,” Goldkind said.

Stuckless apologized in court in 2016, saying he betrayed the trust of his young victims and he alone should bear that shame.

The Gardens scandal exploded in the early 1990s, when Martin Kruze became the first man to step forward to say he had been lured to the hockey arena with promises of free tickets, paraphernalia and player autographs, only to be sexually abused. Police arrested Stuckless and part-time usher John Paul Roby. 

Roby was convicted in 1999 of sexually abusing dozens of young boys. He died in prison two years later.

Stuckless, who is originally from Newfoundland but has lived in Toronto for decades, returned to the spotlight in 2013 when the charges he was sentenced for in 2016 were announced. 


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‘Monstrous’ sex abuse claims still ruining my reputation- Lord Bramall

‘Monstrous’ sex abuse claims still ruining my reputation- Lord Bramall

The former head of the Armed Forces reacted furiously as he was questioned by police over ‘preposterous’ claims made by an alleged fantasist that he was a paedophile, a court heard yesterday.

At times, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, then 91, banged on a table as a junior Scotland Yard detective grilled him for 100 minutes over a series of historic child sex claims made by former nurse and school governor, Carl Beech.

These included allegations made by Beech that he had spiders tipped over him by his abusers and that Lord Bramall forced him to eat his own vomit after making him perform a sex act.

In the video of his police interview, played today for the jury in Newcastle, Lord Bramall says: ”Please report to your superiors and say there is no evidence, there is no case to answer. Make it clear I am no longer a suspect’

Field Marshal Lord Bramall, pictured with his wife of 64 years Dorothy, who died before his name was cleared

Carl Beech, 51, told detectives he had been passed around parties attended by powerful men, to be sexually abused. He accused Lord Brammall – who later told the  detective who interviewed him that he ‘obviously believed’ Beech

Beech, 51, formerly known by the pseudonym ‘Nick’, also accused Lord Bramall of abusing him at Christmas parties where he was regarded as a ‘present’ to be unwrapped, and also molested him on Remembrance Days, at the private members’ Carlton Club and Dolphin Square apartment block in London.

When it was put to Lord Bramall that disgraced TV presenter Jimmy Savile was a member of a supposed VIP child abuse gang also including the heads of MI5 and MI6, his fury turned to outright laughter. ‘Jimmy Savile? Jimmy Savile?’ said the Old Etonian. 

‘I have seen him on the television and always thought he was a dreadful man but I have never met him.’ He later described Savile as ‘the most odious man I have ever seen’. 

When the D-Day hero was asked about sex orgies in swimming pools and whether he could swim, he snapped to Detective Constable Gavin Sealey: ‘I landed at Normandy and I jolly nearly had to swim.’

Newcastle Crown Court was yesterday played a video of Lord Bramall’s interview in Aldershot police station, in April 2015 – seven weeks after his home on the Surrey/Hampshire border had been raided by the Metropolitan Police.

The search took place nearly four months after Scotland Yard publicly described Beech’s VIP child sex allegations relating to the 1970s and 1980s as ‘credible and true’.   

Lord Bramall, as a lieutenant, receiving his Military Cross for gallantry in the field from Field Marshall Montgomery in 1945

Westminster abuse ring accuser complained about press harassment court hears

The jury has heard that Carl Beech complained to police about press harassment, insisting he had ‘done nothing wrong’.

Beech, 51, apologised to his Metropolitan Police handler and said he wanted to pull out of the inquiry, explaining: ‘I cannot do this any more.’

The jury at Newcastle Crown Court heard this happened in January 2016, weeks after a police interview in which he was asked to explain discrepancies in what he told detectives more than a year before, following extensive inquiries by up to 30 officers.

Beech, an ex-nurse and school governor, had ended the police interview, where a specialist homicide detective had asked him questions about his story, as he said he had a headache.

Later that month, the senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Diane Tudway, and Detective Sergeant Danny Chatfield, went to Beech’s home, where the defendant was accompanied by his mother.

Tony Badenoch QC, prosecuting, asked Mr Chatfield: ‘Was there a discussion on that day about press harassment? Was Carl Beech saying that they had reported lies? Was he saying that he had done nothing wrong and only told the truth?’

The detective agreed with all the questions, and that Beech was ‘upset’ at ‘press intrusion’.

Mr Chatfield agreed Beech expressed ‘disappointment’ when he was told Lord Bramall, former head of the British Army, would face no further action in relation to allegations he had made against the elderly Second World War veteran. Beech denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

The force spent 16 months and more than £2 million investigating his claims against Lord Bramall, former PM Edward Heath, former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor and various former security services chiefs before closing the inquiry without any arrests or charges.

An investigation by Northumbria Police was launched into father-of-one Beech, and he is on trial accused of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud. He denies the charges.

Lord Bramall rose to be Chief of the General Staff – the top Army post – and then Chief of the Defence Staff, the officer commanding the combined forces of the Army, Navy and RAF.

Before the video of him being questioned by police was shown yesterday, jurors were told the war hero, now 95, was ‘in very poor health’ and unable to attend court and give evidence.

The film showed him being interviewed under caution by DC Sealey. Repeatedly denying ever being involved in child abuse, he told the officer in a series of sharp exchanges: ‘I am absolutely astonished, amazed and bemused.

‘I find it incredible that anybody should believe that someone of my career standing, integrity, should be capable of any of these things, including things like torture. Unbelievable.’

Beech told police his stepfather Major Ray Beech had sexually abused him, then taken him to Lord Bramall’s office in Erskine Barracks, Wiltshire, when he was in charge of the UK Land Forces, in about 1976. Beech, a former head of complaints at the Royal Gloucester Hospital, told police that Lord Bramall undressed him and sexually molested him, but the peer told detectives this was ‘absolute rubbish’. He was scornful when it was put to him that two other senior military figures – General Sir Roland Gibbs and General Hugh Beach – were also involved in the alleged VIP sex gang.

‘This is ridiculous,’ he told DC Sealey. ‘They have taken in the whole damned Army.’

Lord Bramall said he had never heard of Major Ray Beech.

Responding to an allegation that he had raped defendant Beech, whose identity police refused to give to him during the interview, he said: ‘How anyone could think me capable of doing these things. I have never had sex with anyone of my own sex.

‘I certainly never had an inclination of being a paedophile.

‘I have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – I love children and any allegation is absolutely outrageous.’  

Lord Brammall told the detective interviewing him that his CV was available in Who’s Who

Lord Bramall was told the allegations by ‘Nick’ included that abuse had happened at Imber – a derelict village on Salisbury Plain used by the Army for training.

Lord Bramall said: ‘I have never seen boys tied together and I have certainly never tortured them.’

Of the other men Beech named, he said he had only seen Mr Brittan in the House of Lords, and not spoken to him, and he did not know Mr Proctor, whom he thought was in the Labour Party. He knew Sir Maurice Oldfield, head of MI6, and praised his reputation in intelligence, but did not know Sir Michael Hanley, who led MI5.

Lord Bramall later scolded officers for searching his house in the presence of himself and Avril, his wife of 65 years, with evidence from Beech that was uncorroborated by anyone. And he pleaded with officers to complete their inquiries as quickly as possible so his reputation was not damaged any further than it already had been. 

The jury were shown pictures of Carl Beech aged around 10 in his final year of primary school when he claimed the abuse began

Of the allegations themselves, he said: ‘This thing is so preposterous, it is so very difficult to understand how it could possibly have been made up other than by someone who specialises in sci-fi fiction.’

He became frustrated that Beech had been unable to give specific times and places for when and where he claimed the abuse had happened. DC Sealey said the police had to ‘make allowances’ for that as Beech had been a young boy.

Lord Bramall slapped his hand on the table as he replied: ‘I make no allowances, I will not make any allowance for it, I think it is absolutely monstrous.’

His wife, whom he married in 1949, died before detectives from Operation Midland announced in January 2016 that they were not proceeding with the case against him.

In a second police interview in his home, soon after his wife’s death, he was reduced to pleading with the police to clear his name swiftly. He told them: ‘It is really awful for someone in my position to have had this damage done by what has gone to press and the web net.

‘Please report to your superiors and say there is no evidence, there is no case to answer. Make it clear I am no longer a suspect, no longer under investigation. Otherwise my reputation is still being damaged on Google and that is not fair after my record and at my time of life.

Yard’s questions – and his angry replies

Police: ‘Special guests were brought in as a treat for the boys. One of them was Jimmy Savile. Did you know Jimmy Savile?’

Bramall: ‘Jimmy Savile. Jimmy Savile! I have seen him on the television and always thought he was a dreadful man but I have never met him.’

Police: ‘Can you swim?’

Bramall: ‘I landed at Normandy and I jolly nearly had to swim.’

Police: ‘You made him (Beech) eat his vomit.’

Bramall: ‘I have said very clearly don’t be squeamish, spell it out in absolute detail and you have done that. So thank you.’

Police: ‘On Field Marshal Roland Gibbs and General Sir Hugh Beach being part of the gang…’

Bramall: ‘This is ridiculous. They have taken in the whole damned Army.’

Police: ‘The children were chained to rings on the walls, their hands tied above and their feet off the floor.’

Bramall: ‘Are you suggesting a very, very senior Army officer with an impeccable record engaged in the torture of children?’

‘I ask you to clear this matter up and take me out of this investigation as soon as you possibly can.

‘It is a very painful experience to have to go through at my age of 91 and having now just lost my wife.’

In that same interview at his home, he asked the police what corroboration there had been for Beech’s claims before they searched the house in March 2015.

Lord Bramall complained that officers had ‘thought it was sufficient to get a warrant with uncorroborated evidence’.

Collingwood Thompson QC, defending, told the jury that had Lord Bramall been able to attend court, he would have been asked a series of specific questions on Beech’s behalf, including suggesting to Lord Bramall he was a ‘leading member of a paedophile ring’.

 Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the King’s Royal Rifle Corps on 22 May 1943 during the Second World War and took part in the Normandy landings in June 1944.

He went on to become Commander-in-Chief of British forces in Hong Kong, then Commander-in-Chief of UK Land Forces and retired as Chief of Defence Staff, a role he was appointed to in 1982.

The father-of-two married his wife Dorothy in 1949 and they lived at Bulford Manor in Wiltshire during his time as head of the army.

The trial has heard that Beech told both Wiltshire and the Metropolitan Police about the abuse he claimed to have suffered at Erskine barracks in Wiltshire, the HQ of UK land Forces in the mid 70s.

He said his step-father Major Ray Beech took him to General Bramall’s office where he was abused by him.

A succession of retired senior military figures have given evidence at the trial to say they could never recall seeing a child being brought into the offices.

At the time it was the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland and the IRA had launched a bombing campaign on mainland Britain.

Cars were searched inside and out using mirrors on wheels to look underneath for car bombs.

Former Colonel Mark Norbury, who was at the base at the same time as Lord Bramall, described the question as to whether children were allowed onto the base as ‘asinine.’

The Met Police spent 18 months and £2m on Beech’s claims of a Westminster paedophile ring

When prosecutors laid out their claims against Beech at the opening of the trial opened, the court heard:

  • Beech is a convicted paedophile who pleaded guilty after police found indecent  images of young boys, including some recorded by Beech, on devices in his home
  • He fled to Sweden once police closed in and lived in a remote cabin in the woods, shown in police footage above, under a series of assumed identities and false names
  • He claimed to have sketched the locations at which abuse took place from memory – but his laptop showed he had googled them before speaking to police
  • He claimed not to have researched the men he accused – but had googled them
  • He claimed his abusers mowed down and killed a boy, ‘Scott’, whom he tried to befriend – but the boy did not exist. He was shown in police footage telling officers about this fictitious incident 
  • He claimed a fellow victim, ‘Fred’ could corroborate his story – but in fact he made up the friend and posed as ‘Fred’, fabricating emails to police
  • He claimed he had been regularly taken out of school to be abused by multiple men at ‘parties’ – but his attendance at his schools was exemplary
  • He claimed he had a lifelong fear of water, abused by the men, who dunked him and threw him off boats – but photos show him snorkelling on honeymoon
  • He produced an ‘abuse map’ of the places and ways his body was tortured – but his medical records show no evidence of abuse
  • He claimed he was abused on beds in cabins on Ted Heath’s yacht – but the vessel was a racing yacht and only had hammocks
  • He claimed MP Harvey Proctor had threatened to cut his genitals off with a pen-knife Proctor later gifted to Beech. He gave the knife to police asking for forensic tests – but his estranged wife told police he’d kept it in a ‘happy memories’ box 
  • He had googled how victims of Jimmy Savile received compensation
  • He bought a £34,000 convertible Mustang with the compensation payout he received for the alleged abuse
  • He was in debt and living grossly beyond his means, intending to make money on the international speaking circuit, speaking about his ‘abuse’

The charges relate to claims Beech made that former prime minister Edward Heath (left), ex-home secretary Leon Brittan (right) and others were part of a child abuse ring

Timeline of Beech’s alleged falsehoods and the investigations they launched

2014/2015: Over more than 20 hours of recorded police interviews, Carl Beech makes lurid allegations of child rape and murder against senior Establishment figures including Ted Heath and Lord Brammall.

November 2014: The Met Police launch Operation Midland, which raids the homes of several elderly men looking for evidence to support Beech’s claims. A detective calls the accusations ‘credible and true’.

April 2015: D-Day veteran and former Army chief Lord Brammal interviewed.

June 2015: Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor, whom Beech accused of child murder, interviewed under caution.

March 2016:  Beech notified no further action was to be taken in respect of the allegations he had made.

2016: Northumbria Police conclude Beech’s claims are ‘totally unfounded, hopelessly compromised, and irredeemably contradicted by other testimony’.

November 2, 2016: Police arrive to raid Beech’s home in Gloucester. 

January 23, 2018: Beech got £60,000 as an early pension from the NHS

February 6, 2018: He travels to Calais preparing to flee to Sweden, where he buys a cabin in the woods and lives under a series of assumed identities, travelling hundreds of miles from city to city to stay on the run

October 1, 2018: He was tracked down by Swedish and British police and arrested in advance of a 20-hour train journey to Gothenburg booked in the name of ‘Samuel Karlsson’.

2018: A highly critical review of Operation Midland reports police ‘acted like they were searching for bodies’ during raids on homes. 

2018: Beech pleads guilty to possessing indecent images of children, in a separate trial.

December 2018: restriction on reporting of Carl Beech’s real identity lifted.

May 2019: Beech goes on trial for perverting the course of justice.

Beech’s claims led to raids on the homes of prominent and elderly people including Lord Brammall. 

Beech’s extraordinary unfounded accusations were levelled against a list of prominent men including:

  • Former PM Sir Edward Heath: he said he was sexually abused at Heath’s home in London and on his yacht
  • Former head of the army Lord Brammall: he said Brammall repeatedly raped him and was present at the first meeting of ‘the group’
  • Former Tory MP Harvey Proctor: he said Proctor demanded oral sex, abused him with a pen knife, and murdered two children, one after tying him to a table, raping, and stabbing him
  • Former head of MI5 Michael Hanley, and former head of MI6 Maurice Oldfield: said to be responsible for abuse and torture including spiders being tipped over him, electric shocks, and having darts thrown at him, culminating in threats ‘to make him disappear’
  • His step-father, Major Ray Beech: he said his step-father frequently and repeatedly abused, raped, and beat him, the first time in a public toilet at a wildlife park 
  • Former Home Secretary Leon Brittan: He said Brittan murdered a child, describing him as a ‘mini-Harvey’ who was sadistic and enjoyed putting his head under water

In all, Beech accused 12 men: Major Ray Beech, his step-father; Lt General Beach; General Gibbs; Lord Brammall; Jimmy Savile; Peter Hayman;  Harvey Proctor; Leon Brittan; Greville Janner; Edward Heath; Michael Hanley; Maurice Oldfield.

Prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said the 12-week trial would show Beech’s accusations against the men were ‘demonstrably untrue.’

The Metropolitan Police’s disastrous £2 million Operation Midland investigation into Beech’s unsubstantiated and unsupported claims collapsed in 2016 with no arrests, despite a senior detective saying Nick’s stories were ‘credible and true’.

The Met has since paid six-figure sums in compensation to distinguished former Field Marshall Lord Brammall and to Lady Brittan whose late husband Leon was also accused by Beech

The trial continues. 

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Teacher ‘manipulated high school student into having sex with her’

Teacher ‘manipulated high school student into having sex with her’

Substitute teacher, 25, is arrested for ‘providing high school student with alcohol and manipulating him into having sex with her’

  • Alexis Mercedes Boberg, 25, turned herself in to police in suburban Baltimore on Monday 
  • Boberg is alleged to have engaged in sexual activities with a high school student 
  • She and a student at North County High School are said to have exchanged phone numbers last month 
  • Police say she and the boy had numerous sexual encounters during which she provided him with alcohol 

By Ariel Zilber For

Published: 01:03 BST, 18 June 2019 | Updated: 02:45 BST, 18 June 2019

Alexis Mercedes Boberg, 25, turned herself in to authorities in Anne Arundel County in Maryland on Monday

A suburban Baltimore substitute teacher has been charged after she allegedly had sexual encounters with a high school student and gave him alcohol.

Alexis Mercedes Boberg, 25, turned herself in to authorities on Monday after a student at North County High School reported her on June 4 for engaging in sexual activities with him and for providing him with alcohol.

Boberg has been charged with two counts of fourth-degree sex offense for having a sexual contact with a person while in a position of authority, The Baltimore Sun reported.

She has also been charged with consuming alcohol on public property.

Fourth-degree sex offense is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail. It also requires registering as a sex offender. 

Investigators learned that Boberg and the student exchanged phone numbers in May.

Boberg and the student allegedly had numerous meetings away from school grounds last month.

Police allege that during those encounters, Boberg and the teen engaged in sexual activity. Boberg also provided the teen with alcohol.

After school officials learned of the allegations on June 4, they fired Boberg.

A day later, the teen’s mother filed for a peace order – which is a court order seeking protection for certain people who are not eligible to petition for a protective order.

On June 4, a student at North County High School (above) reported her for engaging in sexual activities with him and for providing him with alcohol

‘During the last 20 days, my son has been manipulated into a sexual relationship (with) his substitute teacher at school,’ the teen’s mother wrote in the application for the peace order.

A judge barred Boberg from having any more contact with the teen. Boberg has also been ordered to stay away from the mother’s place of employment.

Police say a search of Boberg’s home turned up evidence to support charges against her. 


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Baudets ergernis over bullets

Baudets ergernis over bullets

In het grijze gebied tussen staat en individu, dáár gebeuren de meeste dingen, zegt Thierry Baudet. „De kern van de samenleving zit in dat tussengebied.” Grappig genoeg lijkt het erop, deze (afgelopen) zaterdagmiddag bij het festival ‘G10 van de economie en de filosofie’, dat hij zichzelf als politicus ook plaatst in dat tussengebied.

Even daarvoor heeft hij zijn gebruikelijke verhaal gehouden, over de Verlichting die onze wortels heeft weggeslagen, over „oote oote-rijmelarij” en „de vrijheid die leidt tot pornoverslaving en Tinder”. Pas bij het vragenrondje wordt het spannender. Essayist Bas Heijne, die net zelf een lezing heeft gegeven, denkt dat er twee hindernissen zijn voor Baudets strijd tegen het liberalisme: het individualisme en de mondialisering. Hoe gaat Baudet die dingen terugdraaien?

Het leidt tot irritatie bij Baudet. „Ik verzet me ertegen dat elke maatschappelijke discussie moet leiden tot beleidsbullets”, zegt die. „Er is veel meer dan wetten en regeltjes. We moeten met elkaar praten over dit soort hele grote trends.”

Heijne dringt aan: als Baudet zegt dat FVD radicaal anders is dan de andere partijen, tot welk radicaal ander beleid gaat dit dan leiden?

Dan begint Baudet over dat grijze gebied tussen het individu en de staat. Het is vooral zijn taak om de tijdgeest te veranderen, zegt hij: „Er moet een cultuuromslag komen.”

Hij wil ideeën ventileren zonder meteen te hoeven zeggen wat hij wil veranderen, benadrukt Baudet. Een voorbeeld: „Vroeger dronken we uit een glas, want we waren ergens waar een kraan was. Tegenwoordig hebben we veldflessen bij ons. We zijn altijd onderweg: de reizende mens.” Maar let op: „Dat ik dit zeg betekent niet dat ik flesjes water wil verbieden.”

De volgende vragensteller wil weten naar welk Nederland we eigenlijk terug moeten: het Nederland van voor de Franse Revolutie kennelijk, maar niet ver daarvoor waarschijnlijk, want toen bestond ons land nog niet. Wederom irritatie bij Baudet. „Je hoeft niet precies in bulletpoints ‘de’ Nederlander te definiëren om te kunnen praten over onze dominante cultuur.”

Maar niemand vroeg naar bulletpoints. De bulletpoints zijn bij Baudet wat visie bij Mark Rutte is: een karikatuur. Bij Rutte staat visie gelijk aan totalitarisme: „Als visie een blauwdruk voor de toekomst betekent, dan verzet alles wat liberaal is in mij zich daartegen”, zei hij in zijn H.J. Schoo-lezing. Bij Baudet staan bulletpoints, of „beleidsnota’s” zoals hij zo minachtend zegt, gelijk aan kleingeestige politiek.

De visie en de bulletpoints zijn elkaars tegendeel; ergens tussen Rutte en Baudet bevindt zich de perfecte politicus.

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Baby Archie pics: Prince Harry celebrates first Father’s Day as a dad with adorable new picture of baby Archie

Baby Archie pics: Prince Harry celebrates first Father’s Day as a dad with adorable new picture of baby Archie

How Archie’s unlike any royal before him

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, last month and he has captivated the world since birth. Now, it appears, he has his dad wrapped around his finger — literally.

Sussex Royal, the couple’s official Instagram, posted a sweet image of Archie holding what appears to be a finger on Harry’s left hand. The image of the nearly six-week-old infant — who is seventh in line to the British throne — was accompanied by a caption. “Happy Father’s Day!” read the caption. “And wishing a very special first Father’s Day to The Duke of Sussex!”

The close-up shot is similar to an image posted last month in honor of Meghan’s very first Mother’s Day. The account posted a photo of Archie’s tiny feet held by what appear to be Meghan’s hand. The baby appeared to be posed in front of forget-me-not flowers — which some speculated could be a nod to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana. The flowers were one of Diana’s favorites, according to Vanity Fair

While Mother’s Day in America, as well as many other countries, was celebrated in May, the holiday is celebrated in March in the U.K., according to the BBC. So, it seems the Duchess will be able to celebrate two holidays next year, when Archie is nearly a year old. However, Britain celebrates Father’s Day on June 16, the same day as the U.S.

Archie made his first public appearance when the couple presented the infant to the press — and the world — on May 8. The relatively private royals have rarely posted images of their child on social media, with Sunday’s post only the fourth such photo shared to their official page.


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Britons are becoming more unhealthy because we don’t socialise enough

Britons are becoming more unhealthy because we don’t socialise enough

Britons are becoming more unhealthy because almost half of us socialise with family and friends only once a month, new research shows

  • A lack of human interaction is causing Britons’ sense of wellbeing to dwindle
  • Researchers asked 8,000 people about their sex lives, quality of sleep and jobs 
  • Average ‘wellbeing score’ of 60.4 out of 100 – 0.38 points lower than last year

By Daniel Martin Policy Editor For The Daily Mail

Published: 01:42 BST, 17 June 2019 | Updated: 01:42 BST, 17 June 2019

Nearly half of Britons socialise with family and friends only once a month or less, according to a survey.

And the lack of human interaction is causing the nation’s sense of wellbeing to dwindle, the researchers said.

They asked 8,000 people about everything from their sex lives, quality of sleep, finances, relationships and jobs, finding an average ‘wellbeing score’ of 60.4 out of 100.

The figure is 0.38 points lower than last year, which the Sainsbury’s-commissioned report found was equivalent to a wellbeing decline associated with a £260 fall in the average monthly income. 

The lack of human interaction is causing the nation’s sense of wellbeing to dwindle, the researchers said (file image)

Nearly one in ten (9.1 per cent) people said they never meet socially with friends, relatives or co-workers, while 21.4 per cent said they did so less than once a month.

A further 17.5 per cent only socialised once a month, according to the survey.

Sainsbury’s carried out the report in partnership with the National Centre for Social Research and Oxford Economics.

It said the results prompted a scheme to offer its 178,000 employees the opportunity to spend a day volunteering under its 150 Days of Community initiative.

Simon Roberts, Sainsbury’s retail and operations director, said: ‘Our ambition is to help our customers to live well for less – it’s been at the heart of the company since we began 150 years ago.

‘Sainsbury’s Living Well Index has found that over the last 12 months there has been a decline of the sense of community the nation feels as a whole, which has had a significant impact on our sense of well-being.’

Nearly one in ten (9.1 per cent) people said they never meet socially with friends, relatives or co-workers, while 21.4 per cent said they did so less than once a month (file image)

The volunteering scheme will ‘help bring back a sense of community for our customers and colleagues’, he added.

Working baby boomers’ index scores fell ‘dramatically’ – by 1.76 points on average – in the last 12 months, more than four times the average.

Authors of the study said the ‘key driver’ was a decline in social connections (down 0.36 points) and relationships (0.29 points).

In total the overall score for June 2019 was almost a full point lower than in autumn 2017, when the first index was published.

People were asked about a total of 60 different aspects of their lives. 


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